Naturally Sweet Wine from Sundried Grapes

Vinsanto is the mythical nectar of Santorini, produced from the native grape varieties of Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani. The soil of Santorini is characterized by unique geological inorganic elements created by the volcanic eruptions. Due to the limited rainfall and the strong winds, the yield is very low with only 300-500 kgs of grapes per 1000 sq.m. of vineyards. The result is the production of grapes having excellent quality and perfect maturation. When the grapes reach the desired degree of maturation (14-15 Be) they are carefully picked and are sun-dried on terraces for approximately 10-15 days.

The vinification is carried out using traditional techniques in the Gavalas’ winery, in Megalochori. The pressing of the grapes always takes place early in the afternoon, so that the clusters of the grapes are still warm and at their best for pressing. The small quantity of juice which is produced has a high content of sugar- 10 kgs of grapes produce 1 kg of Vinsanto wine. The fermentation continues almost until Christmas.

This wine fills the chalices of the orthodox churches, used for the Holy Communion. It canbe best enjoyed chilled at 6-8oC, as a dessert wine. Vinsanto is bottled in limited quantities.