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Μένουμε Σπίτι

Θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε ότι λόγω του Covid-19 δεν θα πραγματοποιούνται γευσιγνωσίες στο οινοποιείο μας μέχρι τις 31 Μαίου .

2 Mαρ 2020

awards gavalas winery

Thessaloniki International Wine Competition

Four more awards for our wines at TIWC 2020.
Santorini 2019 - 90 pts Gold Medal
Vinsanto 2012 - 90 pts Gold Medal
Aidani 2019 - 87 pts Silver Medal
Santorini 2018 - 87 pts Silver Medal

27 Feb 2020


New Vintage

Santorini 2019 is on! Our new vintage is just bottled.

25 Feb 2020

harvest report 2019

Harvest Report 2019

The total production of the island was about 1.300 tons  - decreased for one more year. More detailed the yield was around 50% lower compared to the average production of Santorini. The harvest begun for our winery at the 10th of August and ended at the 27th of August. 

28 Sep 2019

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