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harvest report 2019 santorini

Harvest Report 2019

The total production of the island was about 1.300 tons  - decreased for one more year. More detailed the yield was around 50% lower compared to the average production of Santorini.

 The harvest begun for our winery at the 10th of August and ended at the 27th of August.

Climatic condition

Winter: Winter was moderate with the average temperatures being around 12-14° C.  The total volume of rain during the growing season was about 550 mm.

Spring: Strong winds at the budburst  and flowering period damaged a lot of vines and had a result a huge decrease in the production. The strongest winds took place in early April and early May as well.

Summer: Temperatures were normal for the period.  The average temperatures during summer months were 26 - 30° C.

Harvest Timeline

11 -12/ 8 : Katsano, Athiri, Voudomato, Mavrotragano

12-20/8: Assyrtiko


25-27/8: Mantilaria

28 Sep 2019

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