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Harvest Report 2020

The total production of the island was about 2.500 – 2.700 tons; returning to normality after three years of low yields. Our winery started the harvest on the 11th of August and finished on the 2nd of September.

Climatic condition

Winter 2019-2020  has been moderate with a total of rain height of 350mm throughout the growing season.

Spring has been mild without particularly notable weather extremes, with the exception of a three-day heatwave in mid-May. Suprising absence of strong winds which are usually frequent during this period.

Summer  was  smooth as well without particularly high temperatures,  the average temperature rising to around 25-27oC. The high levels of humidity while getting closer to harvest period contributed to its delay as well as the increase of the grape size.

Harvest Timeline

11-13/8: Katsano, Athiri, Voudomato, Mavrotragano

15-27/8: Assyrtiko


30/8-2/9: Mantilaria


Winemaking and overall evaluation


The return of the vineyard yields back to normal levels as well as the excess of wine stock (due to Covid-19 pandemic) allowed for more grapes  to be sundried for Vinsanto production. 

Regarding the production of dry wines from Assyrtiko, the first samples have already displayed remarkable signs . This year the grapes had higher juice content and slightly thicker skins.

In terms of organoleptic evaluation, the levels of total acidity expressed in tartaric acid ranged from 5,8 to 6,8 gr/lt, the alcohol levels from 13.8% to 15% and the pH from 3 to 3,2. It is noteworthy that there was a higher content of malic acid compared to previous years with levels ranging between 1 and 1,5 gr / lt.


2 Oct 2020

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