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Harvest Report 2021

The total production of the island was a little less than 2,000 tons, showing a drop of 30% - 35% compared to last year. The harvest for our winery started on August 7 and ended on August 29.

Climatic condition


Mild winter with limited rainfalls and a total volume of rain of about 200mm (350mm last year).


Mild spring without particularly strong weather phenomena and absence of strong winds which are usually frequent during this period. An exception was a strong wind at the end of March which, however, did not affect the production of vines.


Quite a hot summer with intense and long-lasting heat waves both at the end of June and a few days before the harvest, which resulted in the beginning of the harvest faster than expected and in the burning of a large amount of size.

Harvest Timeline

7-9/8: Katsano, Athiri, Voudomato, Mavrotragano

10-21/8: Assyrtiko

21-23/8: Mantilaria

27/8-29/8: Aidani


Winemaking and overall evaluation


Initially, forecasts indicated that production would be above the island average - perhaps even higher than last year. However, the intense heat in the summer in combination with the few rainfalls caused great damage and burned a large amount of grapes.

A special feature of this year was the great differences in terms of the ripening level of the grapes both in the same vineyard and several times in the same bunch.

However, the harvest was better completed than we initially expected, as the vines at higher altitudes had not been affected to such an extent.

In terms of organoleptic characteristics, the level of total acidity expressed in tartaric acid is a little bit lower, with a range from 5.2 to 6.5 gr / lt, the alcohol level from 13.3% to 14.6% and the pH from 2.9 to 3.3.


23 Sep 2021

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